We produce controller with different modules.
You can control any equipment and collect any data from sensors

Components on our pcb:

WiFi module based on ESP8266 or ESP32

LoRa module for long distance communications.

Digital Clock

Relay 220 V

Digital potentiometers

Current sensor (hall effect)

PWM 10V module

GSM Module

other sensors...

Rooters Controller manage up to 16 different lines - it makes our solution very profitable!
Contact us if you want to build own IoT network.

LED light controller - for growboxes and greenhouse. Dimming option and time schedullers. Fully automated software for horticulture.

WiFi MAC Adress scanner - for defence systems, traffic analysers, customer management

WiFi Ammeter and Voltmeter - remote control of electric wiring.

WiFi Relay - turn on/off any equipment remotely.

WiFi Data logger - collect any data from sensors that support I2C, SPI and other protocols

LoRa - build any IoT networks with us

Mean Well WiFi controller - use your smartphone to control dimmer on power supply and log current with digital ammeter.

Growbox automation - complete system for growboxes and greenhouses with control of light, temperature, Ph, moisture and etc...

Rooters Digital Signage - powerful device management system for android. It's a flexible multitask solution for advertisement networks, corporate television, etc. Based on PHP/MySql server, controlled by simple and intuitive interface (Bootstrap/Material.io, JS) and Android/Java devices together make a perfect solution fitting your requirements

Rooters IoT Management System - control any number of devices with our software

KOOOK.ME - Open source software for restaurants and delivery services. Includes server software and mobile applications fo IOS and Android.

Rooters Web Gate - Hi Load web server based on C# that aggrigates different systems and their APIs

Software development services - 20 years experience in software engineering. C/C++/C#, PHP, Java, HTML and JavaScript (Meterial.io, Bootsrap, JQuery)